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Our vision

The top of the branch


Both now and in the future, WesTrade wants to be a progressive company, at which her durable products, solutions & innovations are used to improve the company’s general interest.

The world around us changes. In order to have our company change and bloom in the next ten years, we have to look ahead and get an understanding of the trends and developments that influence our business and that we therefore have to anticipate. Today we have to prepare for tomorrow.

In a very competitive market, we want to distinguish ourselves by thinking just a little different, smarter and simpler than the other.

As a vision, we strive for being a model organization, at which the manufactured products mean a surplus value for the company and at which the customers, the suppliers and the employees get a better treatment than at similar companies in the same branch. A model organization also means that enough profit is generated, so growth of the companies and financial independence are realized.

With this vision, WesTrade strives for sticking to the top of the branch.