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Our core values

Measurements in our daily work

Core Values

At WesTrade, we use our core values as measuring point for our daily work. These values; integrity, entrepreneurship and alertness, help determine our activities and decisions.


We are very proud being a reliable partner for our customers. WesTrade supports her customers in reaching their legitimate goals, at which honesty and respect for the laws and cultures in the countries we operate are top priority. We offer our colleagues a supportive work environment in which they are encouraged to exclusively take ethically responsible and scrupulous decisions, of which a positive effect goes to our organization.


We understand what the business of our customers drives and we create innovative solutions for this, custom made for their specific needs. At this, we apply the best practices of our company for our customers all over the world.
The up-and-coming character of our colleagues is proven by the application of common knowledge and the combination of expertise. Due to this, we create profitable growth from new chances in the market.


We find it important to respond in a quick and accurate way to the needs of our customers and we are ingenious and creative at conquering obstacles. We quickly respond to the needs of our colleagues by also respecting them as customers. We strive for continuous improvement of our performances.
By having our core values quickly, professionally and personally experienced by the customer, they keep coming to use and our clientele keeps expanding.