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Training possibilities at


Training Possibilities

With knowledgeable and motivated employees, we realize leading projects and results. In order to keep the level of this knowledge and motivation high, we offer the employees of our companies trainings so they can keep developing. With that, they keep building, also on their own future.

General Goals of the Trainings:

  • Increasing management skills and insight;
  • Keeping up-to-date of existing knowledge;
  • Generating new knowledge;
  • Meeting other companies and activities within WesTrade;
  • Actively building an internal network.

Approved Work Placement Company

WesTrade is a Kenteq and KCH approved work Placement Company where different work placements are available on VMBO, MBO and HBO level. 
Of course, we offer the right guidance and we can anticipate the specific requirements your education sets.


WesTrade also offers you the possibility to develop to all-round data mechanic with specialized glass fibre knowledge.
Every new employee will have a trainee counsellor appointed that, together with you, will make a plan of action (internal and external trainings) and he makes sure that the intended goals will be achieved.